Broadway Ghost Walk

Travel along Broadway hearing stories of haunted places and why they may be lingering there.

$15 Adult 

7-8:45pm. Meet @ Mb Legislature,

450 Broadway

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1, 2, 7, 8, 9, 14,

16 (SOLD OUT),



28, 29, 

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Naughty Bawdy Tour


This tour covers stories of tavern owners, ladies of the night the booze trade and everything in between! You'll find out why we were known as the Wickedest Town in the Dominion between 1860-1910.

7-8:30pm. Meet @ 100 Arthur St.


May 20

June 12, 24

July 9, 24

August 4, 20

 Sept 16, 25

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Dalnavert Ghost 


Built in 1895 for Premier Hugh J. MacDonald, explore Dalanvert Museum from top to bottom and participate in experiments to see if you too can connect with those on the other side!

$43 Adult

7-10pm Meet @ 61 Carlton St



Wild Women of Manitoba

Get the goods on wild women who challenged the status quo and made history, changing the future for those who followed.

$12 Adult

 Meet @ 123 Main St

Via Rail

2021 Dates

May 12, 7pm

June 19, 1pm

July 6, 7pm

July 24, 11am

August 5, 7pm

August 21, 11am

September 4, 11am

Or Call to book your own date


Pestilence, Shamans & Doctors


Stroll along and learn about early medicine, plagues and diseases of early Canada, First Nations medicines and stories about doctors who faced unique challenges.

$12 Adult

10:00-Noon. Meet @ 123 Main St

Via Rail

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Exchange District

 Ghost Walk

Author & Creator Matthew Komus offer an exciting tour  

Be escorted through the dark streets of Winnipeg’s Exchange District by a 

shady guide to see and hear about some of Winnipeg’s most haunted buildings. 

All outside, $15 adults
7-8:30pm Meet @  The Cube in Old Market Square.

(Located at King St. and Bannatyne Ave.)

Bring extra $20 for Matthew's book on ghosts in Wpg

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October 2021

1, 2, 7, 8, 9, 14, 15, 16 (Sold out),

21 (SOLD OUT),


23 (SOLD OUT), 

28 (SOLD OUT),

29 (SOLD OUT),

30  (SOLD OUT)

and 31

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Murder, Mystery & Mayhem

Follow this victim of the gallows, if you dare, and you will hear stories of true crime and punishment Winnipeg style, ghost stories and other nasty tales


$12 Adult

7-8:30pm. Meet @ 123 Main St

Via Rail


June 10, 25

July 7, 23, 31

Aug 12, 18, 27

September 16, 23

October 3,  6:00pm

Or Call to book a date


Symbols, Secrets & Sacrifices Under the Golden Boy

Explore and experience this building in a new way and be blown away by the mysteries embedded within its walls!

$15 Adult

10:00-Noon. Meet @ Mb Legislature,

450 Broadway

TBA Building not available due to Covid 19


History Amongst the Stones

A beautiful and scenic tour in Brookside Cemetery, join us as we visit the “famous, infamous and notorious” that are laid to rest here.

$12 Adult

7-8:30pm Meet @ 

3001 Notre Dame Ave,

Admin Bldg

2021 Dates

June 5, 26, 10am

July 5, 20, 7pm

Aug 15, 28, 10am


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Wicked Winnipeg

Explores Winnipeg’s connection to several notorious and violent criminals who passed through this city and how they met their fate at the end of the rope. 

$12 Adult


Meet @ 123 Main St

Via Rail

2021 Fall Dates

October  6, 13

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Seven Oaks  Museum Ghost 

Seven Oaks House is the oldest home remaining in Winnipeg. It was built in 1851-53 for John and Mary (Sinclair) Inkster, the heads of an influential Métis family in the Red River Settlement. Their first log farm house (c.1831) still stands nearby and is among the oldest buildings in Manitoba.

Explore this old home where several members of this family died and battles fought near by! Spirits have been heard throughout the house, maybe one will visit us soon?

$39 Adult

7-10pm Meet @ 

MAX 15 People




23 (SOLD OUT),

30th (SOLD OUT)

Email to book

Please note: must be double vaxed (will be checking at the door) and wear mask. No washroom on site.

Lower Fort Garry 2.jpg

Lower Fort Garry Ghost investigation


Explore this old fort built in the early 1800s, this place has been used as a fur trading post, penitentiary and asylum with a  plethora of spirits to contact!

$43 Adult

7-10pm Meet @ 

Lower Fort Garry Admin bldg






Boom & Bust of Winnipeg

Walk through downtown and hear about how this prairie city became the Chicago of the North, the Heart of the Continent and how we lost it all.

$15 Adult

 Meet @ 123 Main St

Via Rail

2021 Dates

May 29 ,10 am

June 19, 10 am

July 10, 10 am

Aug 8, 10 am

September 17, 6-8:00 pm

Or Call to book your own date

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