More than what you’d expect on a ghost tour!

During the Haunted Winnipeg Investigates tour, Aug 1st 2013, I brought people into the Fort Garry Hotel at the end of the route. We entered the Provencher Room on the main floor and there we set up our equipment and asked for volunteers to participate in utilizing the dowsing rods and pendulums. Every 10-15 minutes we changed the volunteers allowing several people the opportunity to try the tools. During one of the rounds, I was getting the impression that we had a female spirit who was connected to the hotel, perhaps was a former singer and that she really liked the piano music playing on the cell phone. The rods crossed (indicating a yes) that she would like to hear some singing so I asked for a volunteer who could sing. What luck when a woman stepped forward and volunteered! Another woman stood next to the singer and held the rods, and as our singer’s voice sung out “A Train” the rods began to move. Wow! What

an amazing experience, this soulful voice flowing through the darkened room as the rods responded in kind. It gave many of us goosebumps! After another song or two, we completed our night, but it was noted that the word “Papa” appeared on the iPhone using the app Ghost Radar. I initially thought the spirit was Jewish and was requesting the song from Yentl “Papa, Can You Hear Me?” or Madonna’s song “Papa Don’t Preach”. But nothing came of it but some laughs.

As we exited, the woman who sang for us was walking out with several of her friends and one of them stated that her iPhone app, Ghost Radar, was still running and the word “Father” appeared just as the singer was referring to the first song she sang. Turns out she sang this a lot for her dad, who passed away a while back.

One of the coolest things about offering these tours is occasionally I connect people to really significant experiences that alter their perspective on life and crossing over. I am grateful for this women who sang and attended this tour who thinks her Dad may have popped in at the last second. Maybe he did, maybe he didn't, only she can say. But this young woman shared that it meant a lot to her and that she got more out of the tour than just stories and experiences. When I meet people like her, that's when it becomes more than just a tour, it becomes more about helping people connect. You know who you are, thanks for sharing.

Aug 11th, 2013 I just wanted to add that a friend (let’s call her Sue) of mine lost her dad last week. Sue shared with us, here at Muddy Water Tours, that because she had the opportunity to get a reading by Ont. Medium Donna Elliott several years ago, this reading allowed her a unique opportunity to know her mum was fine, happy and Donna was able to offer information that proved without a doubt that her mother is around and proud of her. The reading’s aftermath was amazing as Sue was able to release her grief and sorrow and be freed from guilt etc.

With this recent passing, Sue knows that her dad is ok, with her mother and she doesn’t have to experience the same doubt and anxiety about death.

For me, I am once again humbled that I can be a part of linking people together and finding relief for friends and guests as a result of a death in their lives.


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